\text { The values of } l \text { have an uncertainty of } \pm 0.5 \mathrm{~cm} \text {. The uncertainty in } \frac{1}{f} \text { is negligible. } Draw, on Figure 7, error bars to show the uncertainty in 1. Draw, on Figure 7, best-fit lines of the minimum and the maximum gradients consistent with the data. The best estimate of the gradient of the graph in Figure 7 is 0.0119 s m™¹.Show that v is approximately 340 m s ¹. Theory suggests that e is approximately 1.4 cm. Deduce whether the data in Figure 7 support this theory. Suggest two improvements to the experimental method that would lead to a reduction in the uncertainties in your calculated values of v and e. The uncertainty in f iss negligible

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