The assembly below shows a portion of a pump that is gear driven at uniform load and speed. The50 mm long rotating shaft is supported by bearings mounted inside the pump housing. It is made of steel and all its surfaces are machined, its yield strength is 370 MPa and its ultimate tensile strength is440 MPa. Due to the geometry of this shaft, a fatigue bending stress concentration factor of 2.0 and a fatigue shear stress concentration factor of 1.4 are induced. Force F is steady and has the value F 800 N, while the force F, is fluctuating between 200 N to 1000 N. By considering the stresses at A and neglecting any possible bending caused by the force F2,please calculate: a) The mean and alternating moments and torques b) The endurance limit c) The fatigue factor of safety by using the DE-ASME Elliptic fatigue failure theory d) The minimum value of the shaft diameter to avoid fatigue failure by using DE-Gerber fatigue failure theory[4 Marks]

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