The Brayton cycle shown in Figure 1 has reheat and two compressors with a flow rate of 210 kg s-1 of air. Assume this system is being used in Tuscaloosa, AL. The inlet conditions to the first compressor is 1 bar and the inlet temperature would be current temperature of Tuscaloosa in °C (to the nearest whole number value, check current temperature and use it). Both compressors have a pressure ratio of 5:1. The inlet temperature for the second compressor is 40°C. The inlet temperature of first turbine is 970°C. The first turbine drops the pressure to 5 bar and then the air is reheated to927°C before it enters the reheat turbine. There is no pressure drop across the heat exchangers. The approach temperature for the heat exchanger (between state 9 and state 10, as shown in Figure 1) will be last two digits of your CWID (eg. If your CWIDis 12387854, then approach temperature will be 54°C). The isentropic efficiency of both turbines is 92% and that of the compressors is 88%. Use y (ratio of the specific heats) = 1.4 and Cp (specific heat at constant pressure) = 1.005 kJ kg-1 K-1.%3D What is the thermal efficiency of the cycle?

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