The building to be built is to have four floors. There is no basement and the first floor issupported directly on the ground slab (first floor does not add to column loads). Theupper floors are laterally supported with a braced steel frame structural system. Theattached drawings show the planned architectural floor plan (all floors the same) and thestructural steel framing plan. The design is to be according to loads in ASCE 7-10. TheDead Loads given include the self weight of the structure. The stairs and elevator systemare independent and are not supported by adjacent beams, girders or columns. For thegravity load analysis, assume all connections are simple resulting in simple spans for thebeams and girders and the columns have only axial load (no moment). Use tributaryareas to determine the nominal loads supported by the members. Use AISC LRFD loadcases and design procedures. The following nominal loads are to be used for surface areas:

Fig: 1

Fig: 2