The compressive and shear strengths of the shaded blue material are 50 ksi and 40 ksi respectively. If a 2in diameter hole is to be punched through the blue plate, what is the maximum compressive force P and the maximum thickness of the plate? If the blue material is turned upside down and the plug was pulled with 60 kips, what are the maximum normal and shear stresses generated? Assume the thickness of the plate is that determined above. You may report your answers with pi. Member A is the solid circular rod joined to the two journals which connect to the bolt (1 m^2). If A fails at the end of the circular rod, what does this imply? Use two simple inequalities to explain. If A fails at the diameter of the bolt, what does this imply? What is the only plausible explanation for a failure through the circular rod? If the tension in A is 50 MN and the maximum shear stress is25 MPa, what type of member is A? Draw the FBD of the bolt.

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