The data that is used for this question is given in the table on the next page. It contains information relating to the weight (kg) and various other physical measurements

for 18 male subjects aged 16-30. It is of interest to see how well the dependent variable Weight can be described by some of the explanatory variables listed below. (a)Explore the correlation between the dependant variable Weight (y) and independent variable Waist (x). Comment on linearity, strength and direction.(3) (b)Carryout full simple linear regression analysis to fit the model aWeight= Bo+ B,Waist + ɛ and examine the model adequacy for linear regression and the goodness of fitness. Fully report and interpret your findings; Work at the 0.05 level of significance.(4) (c)For a waist size of 69cm calculate the expected weight and interpret your estimation.(1) (d)For a waist size of 90.5cm estimate the weight and check how much your estimation is distanced from the actual observation. Why is that?(2) (e)Carry out full multiple linear regression analysis to fit the model a Weight = Bo + B1 Waist + B2 Shoulder + B3 Calf + ɛ; Work at the 0.05 level of significance.Describe what the value of B2 mean. Write the final regression model that includes only the significantly influencing variables. Write a full report of your findings(4) (f)What is the variable that explains most about Weight? (look at the p-value)

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