The elementary irreversible gas-phase reaction A B+C is carried out adiabatically in a PFR packed with a catalyst (there is no shaft work). PureA enters the reactor at a volumetric flow rate of 20 dm/s at a pressure of 10 atm and a temperature of 450K. a) (17) Derive all the equations that are required for determining the changes in temperature and conversion as a function of catalyst weight. In other words indicate the equations that you would use in Polymath (mole balance, rate laws,stoichiometry, energy balance,..). Assume that AP = 0 (neglect pressure drop).Don't attempt to find numerical answers, just give the equations. b) (8) Since we are considering an adiabatic reactor, we know that we could find a linear relationship between Xa and T. Combining the mole balance and the energy balance derived in a), show that: \mathrm{T}=450+500 \mathrm{X}_{\mathrm{A}}

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