The flow behaviour of a slurry is found to be adequately described by the Bingham Plastic model. Using diagrams of stress vs strain rate and viscosity against strain rate, describe the flow properties of the slurry. Ensure that you include a mathematical expression of the flow behaviour and fully define the terms shear stress, shear strain rate, yield stress and plastic viscosity in your answer.1..7 Suggest a single fluid model that is able to describe the flow characteristics of fluids displaying all of the following fluid behaviours: Newtonian Shear thinning Shear thickening. Discuss how the model is applied to each type of fluid behaviour and any limitations of using your suggested model. Include a plot of stress vs strain rate for each of the fluid behaviours. =)A suspension is found to exhibit shear thinning behaviour described by the power law model over the range of experimentally accessible strain rates. It is suggested that the range of shear rates can be extended to include higher strain rates using a complementary experimental technique. Suggest a fluid model that will be able to describe the behaviour of the suspension over the extended range of shear rates. Include the mathematical expression of your chosen model and a plot of apparent viscosity vs strain rate.

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