In light of all that is happening in 2020 with coronavirus, the election, and the BLM protests and riots, I think we should cover the fifth topic, You should disbelieve that mainstream media are fair in covering politics. I think there would be a lot of concluding evidence to support this argument.The word limit is 450-500 words.There has to be proper in-text citation as well as referencing in APA. The focal idea of Module 3 has been knowledge, and some of the primary questions we, as epistemologists, ask about it:what exactly is its definition?what is its source (or, what are its sources)?what are the attitudes which make us more or less successful at seeking it?Using the correspondence theory of truth, we see that justification, or evidence, is critical for identifying knowledge (versus mere opinion). Having read Descartes, we see that skepticism is a powerful tool for guarding against error. In so many real-world situations, the ability to tell the difference between sufficient and insufficient evidence, and between appropriate and inappropriate skepticism, is one of the most useful skills we can build. In this project, you'll apply your judgment to a complex situation in today's world, in which you must clearly articulate the steps you take to evaluate purported knowledge.Your Task:Stage 1: Preparation.Choose one of the following candidates for knowledge - statements which someone wants you to believe as justified and true. Your job will be to describe and evaluate the process of how someone comes to decide the belief is, or is not, knowledge, taking into account two different considerations: justification and skepticism.You should disbelieve that anthropogenic climate change is real.You should believe that voter fraud is a significant risk to the 2016 election.You should disbelieve that racial injustice is a major ongoing problem in America.You should believe that vaccinations cause autism in children.You should disbelieve that mainstream media are fair in covering politics.You should believe that undocumented immigrants harm American citizens economically.Investigate at least 6 different sources of evidence: the 3 highest-quality sources you can find for supporting evidence, and the 3 highest-quality sources you can find for counter-evidence.Take notes, and follow up on any concepts which are unfamiliar.Stage 2: Creation.Create an infographic, using the template provided here, Preview the document illustrating the process you used to evaluate whether the statement qualifies as knowledge, strictly defined.[evidence]: present single arguments, statements, or data points clearly and simply.[source]: identify the origin of the evidence: not the immediate source, but the ultimate/original source.[basis for trust]: on what grounds would you accept the evidence from this source? sense experience? logical deduction? authority?[criterion for deciding]: since there is evidence on both sides of the issue, what is your basis for deciding?skepticism: drag-and-drop the two different versions of skepticism into your infographic, wherever you see them in action. (you can copy them if you need to.)

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