The following circuit is a DC voltage regulator which must be designed so that it provides 3.5V to a resistive load RL = 100 Ohm, when Vs varies between: 8V and10 V. It is recommended to use a 1W Zener.- (1 00/) 1. Find the appropriate value of the Zener voltage Vz (10%) 2. Calculate the required value of resistance for Rs (20%) 3. Calculate the required maximum power of resistor Rs (20%) 4. Explain in detail all your calculations (10%) 5. Suppose you needed to build a simple voltage regulator circuit with a regulation point of 3.5 volts but had no Zener diodes available. a) Can you think of a way, normal (rectifying) diodes could be used for the purpose instead? (20%) b) What must be the minimum power of each one of these Diodes? (10%) c) Draw the appropriate circuit (10%)

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