Strength Of Materials

The following mathematical models are foundational for this class. For each model: (i)give the correct governing equation, (ii) explain the concept/principle represented by the model/equation, (iii) explain the quantity represented by each variable in the governing equation, (iv) supply the SI units of all variables in each equation, and (v) based on your review of the course webpage/textbook table of contents, outline a problem where it would be useful to apply this model in this course.

First Law of Thermodynamics for an open system

Newton's Law of Cooling

Steady State Continuity Equation

Ideal Gas Law on a mass basis

First Law of Thermodynamics for a closed system

Ideal Gas Law on a molar basis

Fourier's Law of Conduction

Caloric Equation of State (for an Ideal Gas)

Heat Transfer for a reversible process

First Law Efficiency (do this for an engine, for a heat pump, and for a refrigerator)

Work Transfer for a reversible process



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