The oscilloscope instrument is installed in a load described as a "black box",which allows the visualization of signals from the electrical variables. In this case it is possible to "see"

the voltage signal applied at the ends of said black box and the current flowing through it. The analytical representation of these signals is shown here v (t) = v2 * 220 cos (100TT - 40 °) [V] i (t) = v2 * 10 cos (100nt - 15 °) [A] A) Phasor voltage a. 220<0° (V rms) b. 10<-15° (A rms) c. 220<-40° (V rms)d. V2*220 < -40° (V rms) e. N/A а. 22 Ohmb./ 22<-25 Ohmс./ 19,94 Оhmd. 9,29 /Ohmе. N/A B) Value of the equivalent resistance of the black box C) System in advance or in delay. Explain

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