The percentage of the white non-Hispanic electorate in the US (those who are eligible to vote in elections) has been declining as population demographics shift.According to data collected by the United States Elections Project(, the non-Hispanic white electorate has decreased from 1992 levels. a) Complete the table showing year, years since 1994, and the percentage of the electorate consisting of non-Hispanic whites. b) Create a scatter plot of this percentage versus years since 1992. Include a graph title and axis labels. ) Determine the equation of the linear regression line for this data. Calculate the coefficient of determination and the correlation coefficient. Is this line a good fit to the data? Explain. d) Interpret the slope and intercept of the regression line in terms of the electorate. Use complete sentences. e) Predict the non-Hispanic white share of the electorate in the year 2032.Show your work and express your answer as a complete sentence.

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