The SIR model for modeling infectious diseases is given by \left\{\begin{array}{l} S^{\prime}(t)=-\frac{\beta}{N} I(t) S(t) \\ I^{\prime}(t)=\frac{\beta}{N} I(t) S(t)-\gamma I(t) \\ R^{\prime}(t)=\gamma I(t) \end{array}\right. where N is the total number of

people in a given population, S(t) is the number of susceptible people attime t, I(t) is the number of infected people at time t, R(t) is the number of removed people at time t,and 3,y quantify rates of spread and removal. 1. Given the parameters 3 = 3, y = .2, use Euler's method with Ax = .1 to solve the SIR model withinitial conditions S(0) = 9997, I(0) = 3, R(0) = 0 for 0

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