The table below shows monthly data collected on production costs and on the number of units produced over a twelve month period. Month July August September October November December Discussion Question January February March April May June Total Production Costs $230,000 250,000 260,000 220,000 340,000 330,000 200,000 210,000 240,000 380,000 350,000 290,000 Level of Activity (Units Produced) 3,500 3,750 3,800 3,400 5,800 5,500 2,900 3,300 3,600 5,900 5,600 5,000/na) Determine the variable cost per unit and the fixed cost using the high-low method. b) What is the equation of the total mixed cost function? c) Based on the High-Low method, what is the total production costs if 6,500 units are produced? d) Prepare the scatter diagram and insert the trendline or line of best-fit. Use a scale of 2 cm to represent 1,000 units on the x-axis & 2 cm to represent $50,000 on the y- axis. e) Using the line of best-fit, determine the company's fixed cost per month and the variable cost per unit. (Use 0 & 5,000 units.) f) Which of the two methods appear more appropriate? Explain your answer.

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