The two sinusoidal signals below are input to a discrete signal processingsystem:21(t)=cos(Sit+)x2(t)=cos(22t+p2)Given that1 =4 and 2 =12,and the sample rate of the system is,s37 in rad/sec.The signals are processed in the

digital domain with an ideal lowpass filterthat eliminates discrete frequencies greater thanradians/sample byhaving gain O for these frequencies and passes lower frequencies with a gain,i.e.,multiplicative factor of 1.Let GI and G2 denote the gains for the sampled digital signals nandderived from the continuous time signals 1(t)and (t)respectively.Let out and 2out denote the continuous frequencies observed at theanalog output of the system after reconstruction.Provide as your answer as A=G11qt+G22out.mYour answer should have 1 decimal digits of precision.

Fig: 1