There will be a total of 3 sub-experiments, each for an element of the ECL interface: 1. Cursor 2. Open-Loop Conditional Statement 3. Background Colour and Text Colour Combination All 3 sub-experiments will be each stored in separate E-studio 3.0 Experiment File. At the end, I will need to receive 3 different E-studio 3.0 files. I will need to receive the designed cursors for Experiment 1. Please do Experiment 2 and 3 ECL User-Interface, before doing Experiment 1's ECL User-Interface (since it can be recycled from 2 and 3). Additional Notes: ➤ All experiments will be conducted on a 14-inch, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 IPS Laptop hardware: 12.7 inch by 8.5 inch Laptop screen: 12.3 inch by 6.8 inch ECL Window: 4.5 inch by 4.5inch .

Fig: 1