This conversation will have us examine controversial election law issues in Texas and how

they relate to the institutions of state government that have shaped them. What's happening

with the governor, the legislature, and the courts? Texas voting laws have long been some of

the most restrictive in the country. Is Texas building on that illiberal foundation that started

after the 2020 presidential election and damages confidence in state institutions? Or is there

evidence of widespread fraud or voting illegalities occurring at polling places around the

state? This Convo relates to the course content in Weeks 2 & 3, specifically: the separation of

powers between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government and how each

branch was involved in voting law changes, how the judicial selection process could

compromise the independence of judges, the varying motivations of a part-time legislature

with part-time reps and senators, and Texas's long civil rights history. I have linked you to

two recent articles put out by the Brennan Center for Justice, an independent, nonpartisan

organization that "works to build an America that is democratic, just, and free -- for all."

They take a particularly critical view of recent election law changes in Texas. The questions

before us is why Texas would be so blatant in enacting voter/voting restrictions and what this

means for the upcoming midterm elections this year and the 2024 election. I'd like y'all to dig

around and see what you can find out (from reputable sources) about claims of election

fraud justifying voting restrictions in Texas. Also, think about some of the questions asked

above as you prepare your thoughts to add to this conversation. Remember, it is a

conversation! You may ask and answer questions, you may add your analysis by considering

what you've learned from the Brennan Center articles and the operation of the branches of

government in Texas. Show me that you can link and evaluate information, and be sure to

post often. I'll join as well. link to articles: