This posting should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs. Word totals for this post should be in the 180-200-word range. Whether you agree or disagree, explain why with supporting evidence and concepts from the text to support your answer. The entire chapter discussion presents many different elements and components of being a leader- and an essential part of being a Supervisor. As the connection between your company's management team and the company's employees, there are few more important decisions than what leadership style to choose to use as a supervisor. 1. Given all the models of leadership characteristics, styles, theories presented in this chapter, in this post describe what your own "natural" leadership would be- regardless of situation. Using the material in the chapter reading to justify your answer: Clearly identify your own leadership style, Identify in what situations your own leadership style would be effective, and ineffective. 2. What action would you take in a situation where your own leadership style wouldn't be generally considered effective? Do you think it would be appropriate to attempt to modify your own leadership style to the situation, or to keep your own leadership style and just push forward towards a solution. Use MLA as referencing style

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