This week you will be working with your team to decide on a fractious problem in engineering or technology that will be the basis of the rest of your individual and teamwork for the semester.Given the importance of selecting a good topic, you want to come to your team's discussion well prepared. In order to do that, you should do the following, and submit the result, as a PDF or word document, to Microsoft Teams. As always, please keep things neatly organized so I can more easily evaluate your work. 1. Identify at least 2 potential topics you think would count as fractious problems and that you would like to research more thoroughly in the rest of the semester 2. For each of the potential topics you identify, provide a short (3-5 statement/sentence)justification for why it counts as a fractious problem. The justification should appeal to at least 3 of the characteristics of fractious problems discussed in the reading 3. You should also include information about any sources you consulted in researching/identifying the fractious problems. This can simply be a URL pasted in the document for now. But having a record of this can help speed up your team's decision-making process as well as help with the later research if the topic is chosen. It is recommended that you consult the "Finding Fractious Problems" resource sheet on Blackboard in order to help orient your thinking/research. Evaluation This individual preparation assignment is evaluated "complete" (1) or "incomplete" (0) based on having 2 potential topics that you have attempted to justify using the characteristics of a fractious problem discussed in the reading. A 'complete' evaluation does not depend on me thinking you have successfully identified 2 fractious problems, only that you clearly engaged with the idea and genuinely attempted to identify potential topics.

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