Topic:How has climate change affected us all directly?What are the impacts of climate change on our lives?Please write a focus- on- effect essay to state your thoughts. Requirements: • A

well-organized academic essay with your own title related to the topic• 1400 min -1600 max words (the cover page, the title, and the reference page do not count)At least three body paragraphs APA format (See Bb for reference) Special reminder: Essay not in APA format will result in zero points.• Include a cover page with the required information (See Bb for reference)• references and in-text citations are used and formatted correctly (each body paragraph needs to have at least one in-text citation)You need to use the websites as the references for this essay. Please see the "Reference" folder on Bb. Paraphrase the ideas from the articles and use at least one direct quote from the required references Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation Paragraph breakdown (At least three body paragraphs):Introduction: Hook, background/connecting information, and thesis statement Body 1: Effect 1 Body 2: Effect 2 Body 3: Effect 3 Conclusion: Restatement, final thoughts/ suggestion/ opinion/ prediction

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