Two liquid streams are fed to the reactor: (1) 16.67 lbmol/h containing 75 mol% propylene and25% n-butane (C4H10, MW = 58 lbm/lbmol, Cp~ 0.55 BTU/lbm/°F) and (2) 40 lbmol/h benzene.Fresh

and recycled benzene at 77°F are mixed in a 1:3 ratio (1 mol fresh feed/3 mol recycle) and passed through a heat exchanger, where they are heated by the reactor effluent before being fed to the reactor. The reactor effluent enters the exchanger at 400°F and leaves at 200°F. The pressure in the reactor is sufficient to maintain the effluent stream as a liquid. The production rate of cumene is 10 lbmol/h. a. Calculate the heat of reaction for the benzene + propylene → cumene reaction. b. Calculate the temperature of the benzene stream fed to the reactor and the required rate of heat addition to or removal from the reactor.

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