Two point charges of opposite polarity, are located at fixed positions along the2)x-axis of a Cartesian coordinate system, with the charge -q located at x=-a, and q located at x=+a, where a is a given, constant distance and q>0. Determine the electric potential at a point on the x-axis to the right of the(a)positive charge, and the electric potential at a point on the positive y-axis. Make sure to show a sketch. Using the voltage found at part (a), work out the x-component of the electric(b)field vector on the x-axis and the y-component of the electric field on the y-axis in the domains specified at part (a). A positive point charge, qo, is initially at rest at x=2a. In terms of q, qo, a, and(c)possible constants, work out an expression of the kinetic energy of this particle when it will be located at x=4a. Calculate this kinetic energy, expressed in electron-volts, if q=qo=e (the elementary charge), and a =10-9 m.

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