Two recent graduates have decided to enter the new field of microcomputers.They intend to manufacture two types of microcomputers,Autoaccount andScicomp.Because of the interest in microcomputers,they can (presently)sellall that they could possibly

produce.However,they wish to size the productionrate so as to satisfy various estimated limits with a small production crew.Theseinclude:Assembly hours:150 hours available per weekTest hours:70 hours available per weekThe Autoaccount requires 4 hours of assembly and 3 of testing,while Scicompconsumes 6 hours and 2 hours,respectively.Profit for the Autoaccount is esti-mated at $300 per unit;that of Scicomp is $450 per unit.The partners wish to maximize profit while also maximizing the total numberof microcomputers produced per week(to achieve market visibility).They do notwish to increase the assembly hours beyond 150,because of the lack of productionequipment,but testing via some overtime would be permissible.Develop thebaseline model.

Fig: 1