United Arab Emirates University Department of Mechanical Engineering MECH 310: Dynamics Project: Particle dynamics with Matlab application 1. Project proposal Each group should submit a proposal describing the problem that they

intend to formulate and simulate using Matlab. The problem should be a 2D or 3D particle motion subject to at least 4 different types of forces in which friction force is one of them. A sketch of the problem should be provided. The problem shouldn't have an analytical solution. This means Matlab must be used to realize the possible for various possible scenarios. Note: Unacceptable proposals will get low grade of the 20% and the instructor will for the students. a proposal 2. Derive the equations of motion Once the proposal is accepted by the instructor (or improved/corrected), each group should work independently to derive the equations of motion and all required supporting equations and constraints (if applicable). 3. Matlab Simulation Each group should write a Matlab script to simulate the particle motion for a number of possible motion scenarios. Typically, particles may accelerate and reach a steady-state or may start from a certain motion state and then come to rest. In all cases, simulation of speed versus time and traveled distance versus time are desirable.