(USCS units) A CNC drill press performs a series of through-hole drilling operations on a 1.75-inthick aluminum plate that is a component in a heat exchanger. Each hole diameter = 3/4 in. There are 100 holes in all, arranged in a 10 by 10 matrix pattern, and the distance between adjacent hole centers (along the square) = 1.5 in. Cutting speed = 300 ft/min, penetration feed (z-direction) =0.015 in/rev, and traverse rate between holes (r-y plane) = 15.0 in/min. Assume that r-y moves are made at a distance of 0.50 in above the work surface, and that this distance must be included in the penetration feed rate for each hole. Also, the rate at which the drill is retracted from each hole is twice the penetration feed rate. The drill has a point angle = 100°. Determine the time required from the beginning of the first hole to the completion of the last hole, assuming the most efficient drilling sequence is used to accomplish the job.

Fig: 1