VALLAD Mrs. Jimenez pointed up into the sky. The wind was swirling wildly. "Winds can spin very fast, like a tornado. These winds probably passed over ponds. The ponds had frogs in them. The wind sucked up the water and the frogs in it. Then the wind calmed down, and everything fell from the sky." "So it's raining frogs?" Mama said. "Well, technically, it's falling frogs!" Mrs. Jimenez said. Both of them laughed. Mama returned to Goran's room. "Darling, your forehead is warm, but your eyes are clear. You really did see frogs falling from the sky!" C nottentoull bris freloob amoe e .com/forms/u/0/d/1RKP1c0T7eA/WBTI71@mubuld7h610 Piete/nupy nal of enor and bislargoni alu H wit bh phothupa ancher bas Winds blew dark clouds across the sky. Goran, in bed with the flu, watched from his window. He expected heavy rain. But instead of water, he saw small frogs falling! VinU Goran wondered if his fever made him see things. He called for his mother, who hurried in. "Mama, can it rain frogs?" he asked. Story Part 2 His mother touched his hot forehead. "Your fever makes you dream things. I will bring you cold water to help you feel better." She turned to go to the kitchen, but stopped at the window. She couldn't believe her eyes. She saw small frogs hopping am everywhere outside. They were crossing the road. They were jumping on the porch. They were leaping in her garden. She went outside. The neighbors were out looking at the frogs. Mama asked Mrs. Jimenez, "Are they real?" Mrs. Jimenez was a science teacher. :// S Sapor prinibs! "Yes!" Mrs. Jimenez said. "Take a look." She held out her hand to Mama. She had a magnifying glass. Mama stared. A small frog stared hack no12 SELL 9/11/23/n3. Graphic Organizer: List some details that are in the illustrations, but not the text."

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