生。 Vin Required Value (V) Vin 5 VOL M2 The given circuit is for Complementary CMOS inverter. It has the following parameters: Wn-10.0 µm, Wp-30.0 μm,L=2 μm, VDD-4V, Kn'- 100 μA/V², Vin-1.0 V, Kp'-50 μA/V² and Vtp= -1.0 V 2. Plot ID versus Vin. (plot(Yourname)+data on the plot) 3. Determine the static power dissipation. Paov Required Value P@VOH VDD Using ORCAD/Ltspice: 1. Remove C1, plot Vout versus Vin and determine VIL, VIH, VOL and VOH. YOUR Answer should includ: (Circuit(Yourname)+plot(Yourname)+data on the plot +Fill-in the table below) VOH VIL VIH NML Vout C1 0.5p Pstatic(average) NMH Peak

Fig: 1