Water flows through a curved pipe of A = 1.0 m²cross section arranged horizontally (in the xy-plane) in a circular 90° arc (Figure). The pipe discharges water as a free jet through section (2).A steady average flow speed of U = 2m/s is maintained. It is known that minor and major losses result in a total head loss between section (1) and (2) of h, = aQ², where Q is the flow rate and a =0.2s2m-5 (a) Determine the pressure p, at section (1). (5pts) (b) Write down the conservation of momentum for this elbow; indicate by a sketch whichcontrol volume you are using. (10pts) (c) Determine the magnitude and direction of the x- and y- components of force exerted by the water on the pipe. (15pts)

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