Water is the working fluid in a regenerativeRankine cycle with one open feedwater heater.Steam enters the turbine at 1400 lbf/in^2 and1000 Degrees Farenheit and expands to 120Lbf/in^2. The remaining steam expandsthrough the second stage turbine to thecondenser pressure of 2 Lbf/in^2. The Turbineand both pumps have isentropic efficiencies of85%. Flow through the condenser, openfeedwater heater, and steam generator (Boiler)is a constant pressure. Saturated liquid exitsthe open feedwater heater at 120 Lbf/in^2. Thenet power output of the cycle is 1x10^9 BTU/h.Complete a Property table for each Stateand Determine for the cycle: a. The mass flow rate of the steam entering theturbine b. The rate of heat transfer to the working fluidpassing through the steam generator (Boiler) c. Carnot Efficiency d. Thermal Efficiency

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