We all know______(who/whom) pulled that prank. 2. I try very hard in school____.(yet/though) I am not receiving the good 3.One of my best friends______(is/are) an extra in the new Coen brother movie. 4.Both my father and_______(I/me) would love to visit India one day. . .From this angle, the building looks ______(as/like) the empire state Building. 6.Rice and beans, my favorite dish,(remind/reminds) me of my nativePuerto Rico. 7.Four years(is/are) a long time to spend away from your friends andfamily. 10.The movie, including all the previews,(take/takes) about two hours towatch. 8.Not only the students but also their teacher(have/has) been called to thePrincipal's office.

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