We have time to learn about another aspect of Governor Abbott's Operation Lone Star, this

time looking at all of the Texas efforts to address immigration and the border that came

before it as well. Our second Public Journal entry will examine the last 17 years of border

security initiatives in Texas. In doing so, our focus has to be on the role of the three branches

of government in Texas to address border-related concerns. They all have a stake in claiming

policy successes because these institutions are often led by elected officials. But what does

success look like, and to whom? And what if success isn't achievable? Since border control

and immigration fall under federal jurisdiction, there can be differences in policies and

priorities as presidential administrations change and between the presidents and governors.

Texas governors have grown to like serving the Lone Star State, and they win reelection. In

this setting, there is a longer timeline to measure policy outcomes. Journals typically post

thoughts (the intellectual part) and reactions (the emotional part).