Week 3 Discussion A Last week, we looked at Density Curves, Z-score, 68,95% and 99.7% rule, and Inverse Norm. You will make ONLY ONE post, so please do your research prior!

With a REAL life example, explain the meaning of each. Please provide detailed answers, attach pics to illustrate your answers, 1 Density Curves- For example, for density curve, normal distribution curve will suffice. Test scores are normally distributed( symmetrical mainly). You can also present examples where the data will exhibit some skewness. Study times during the week is right skewed. 2) Z scores-For Z score example, compare maybe test scores. Make up some data and show your calculation for the Z-score for two students and then COMPARE the two z-scores. 3) 68, 95 and 99.7% rule, and present a worked out example where you have to calculate TWO probability values. 4) Inverse Norm- For inverse norm, explain with a worked out example. Inverse Norm is when you work backwards- given the probability value, you calculate x. In Statuttor, we calculated the score(x value) we have to get to be in the top 10%. Any other real-life situation where this could be applicable. Calculate the x value for your example?