Week 7 Project Hypothesis Testing is the use of statistics to determine the probability that a given claim is true. In Part II of this project, your professor will provide you with a data set and you will review claims and perform hypothesis testing to make a decision. You will then complete a write-up that includes the calculations. The government logs the number of documented births, deaths, marriages and divorces however it is possible to have undocumented cases. In part II of this project, you are going to test claims about total births, deaths, marriages and divorces. 1. Your professor will provide you with the Births, Marriage, Divorce and Death data. Email your professor at the beginning of Week 7 if you did not receive the data for Course Project Part II. 2. Preliminary Calculations. Please complete the worksheet. o Project Part II Worksheet o Links to an external site. Complete the summary table for 1. Live Births, 2. Deaths, 3. Marriages, and 4. Divorces highlighting the mean, median, sample/population standard deviation, n = number of states that submitted data for each the data sets.