Week 8: Video Assignment 3 Place a glass of water on a scale. If following experiments were performed, please answer 1) will the scale reading increase, decrease, or remain the same? 2) will the water level go up, go down or remain the same? Experiment A: dip your finger in the water; Experiment B: place an ice cube in the water; Experiment C: wait until the ice cube melts; and what if the ice cube contains bubbles or coins in it? Explain your answers. Try your best to perform these experiments accurately. Explain any discrepancies between your answers and experimental results, if any. Rules: 1) No portrait mode (if filming with a cell phone)2) Video must be less than three minute long 3) Must show your face - at least intermittently 4) Must voice narrate your explanation 5) Must hear your voice clearly 6) Video must be uploaded to YouTube Tips: 1) Make it fun yet educational 2) Make your YouTube Video "unlisted" 3) Test YouTube link before submitting Submission and Due Date:Submit your YouTube URL on Blackboard. Due 5:00 pm on Tuesday October 20, 2020.

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