A Statistics professor has observed that for several years students score an average of 105 points out of 150 on the semester exam. A salesman suggests that he try a statistics software package that gets students more involved with computers, predicting that it will increase students' scores. The software is expensive, and the salesman offers to let the professor use it for a semester to see if the scores on the final exam increase significantly. The professor will have to pay f the software only if he chooses to continue using it. In the trial course that used this software, 211 students scored an average of 108 points on the final with a standard deviation of 8.5 points. Complete parts a) and b) below. a) Should the professor spend the money for this software? Support this recommendation with an appropriate test. Usea = 0.05. What are the null and alternative hypotheses? What is the test statistic? What is the P-value? What is the appropriate conclusion? b) Does this improvement seem to be practically significant? Choose the correct answer below and fill in any answer boxeswithin your choice.

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