Which of the following examples DOES NOT represent simple harmonic motion? A. water molecules in a train of ocean waves B. chandelier swaying with an arc angle of 0.050° C. coin on turntable viewed at the level D. children jumping randomly on a bed In an experiment exploring Hooke's law, a student suspended a vertically-oriented spring from a retort stand as depicted below: He placed different masses on it in sequence and measured the displacement each mass stretched the spring away from equilibrium. For each weight, he recorded the displacement from equilibrium, x, in the data table below.By equating the weight of each mass, Fg, to the restoring force, Frest, of the spring, he could make a graph of displacement, x, versus weight, Fg. Using the student's data, plot a graph to calculate the spring constant. Based on the slope obtained from the graph, the spring constant is___N/m.

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