Worksheet Question ID: W-3003 Given the following data based on data from 10 basketball players, asking the number of years of playing basketball and the number of free throws made out

of 10. Calculate the correlation coefficient of this data using the formula below, and then state whether the correlation is positive, negative or no correlation, and whether its strong, moderate, weak or no correlation. Ex=58. Σy w64 Σxy = 456. Σ.x – 270.Σ.y′ – 509 _n(Σ xy) - (Σ.x)(Σ.y) |thn Ex° -- (Σ. x}#][" Σ.y° - (Σ.y)*1 Marking Scheme (out of 3) [A:3] 1 mark for subbing the numbers into the formula 1 mark for calculating the "r-value" 1 mark for stating the type of correlation

Fig: 1