Write an essay with your own topics and title: • Related to the material covered from Lecture 21 to Lecture 30. • Three pages or more. • In pdf file. • Your own topics • Or one of the following topics: - Slide rules, - One of the mathematicians (Newton, Leibniz, John Wallis, Newton's teacher,Bernoulli, ..) - Equations - How sine function in terms of power series was discovered? - How exponential function was discovered? - Calculus Rules for essay writing: Try not to make your essay read exactly like either the course notes or the Wikipedia article. It is better to find an interesting topic and do some research. Your essay must be typed and use a standard font/size (eg. 12 pt Times New Roman) and standard margins. Pictures are not necessary, but if you do use pictures then do not count them towards your essay's length.Include a list of references used in your essay and make footnotes in the text when citing a reference.

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