1. Consider the following 2 second degree equations. x^{2}+2 x+2=0 x^{2}-4=0 For each of the above equations, find all the roots graphically using EXCEL. You must show all the workusing the relevant formulas. If there are no roots, mathematically show the reason why there are noroots. 2. There are 3 forces of F1, F2 & F3 applied to the beam. It is desired to find reactions forces FL &FR. The input to an EXCEL spread sheet should be the following: F1//F2///F3/a/b/c/L The output will be FL & FR. The problems must be solved by manual techniques (pencil, paper and calculator). The solution must besent as a PDF file. The problem must also be solved by EXCEL spread sheet and the EXCEL files must be sent as a part of theexam. The input values are: a=3; b=5; c= 8, L = 10 F1 = 13; F2 = 26; F3 = 6 3. Show graphically and by hand calculation the angle that a block will move on an inclined surfacefor the following coefficients of friction: μ- 0.2μ- 0.5μ- 0.6μ- 0.55

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