xercise 2 (50%): The following statically indeterminate beam of constant El (E and I are not needed to solve) is subjected to the TWO shown moments (they are different, there is NO symmetry). Solutions by integration do **not** COUNT FOR PARTIAL GRADE (at all). You must IN THIS ORDER: (1) Sketch NEAT COMPLETE Free Body Diagram of the beam Write the equilibrium equations from (i), clear and legible. Sketch (GRAPHICALLY!) the chosen NEAT breakdown of beam in CASES to solve, and CLEARLY show there (GRAPHICALLY) what are the deflections (or slopes) to be used in the following (iv); (iv) Write a NEAT, COMPLETE COMPATIBILY EQUATION to solve for the chosen extra unknown (v) Solve for all reactions with equations of (ii) and (iv) BONUS (10% extra): sketch (must be NEAT, COMPLETE, CORRECT) the Shear-Force- and Bending-Moment- diagrams for the given beam. Mo L L 3M. L

Fig: 1