You are required to write a 1 page proposal for your project as a pdf. Your proposal must

include the following pieces of information:

1. Data Mining Task: What is your data mining task? This task could be a series of

exploratory questions that you want to investigate or analyze. What is your motivation

behind choosing this task for your project?

2. Dataset: What is the source of your data? Provide a link to your data source if you

acquired it online.

3. Methodology: How will you solve the data mining task? You should have some idea of

the algorithms or software tools you plan to investigate.

Please feel free to use existing data mining and machine learning tool kits (e.g., Weka,

Scikit-Learn) as needed for your project.

4. Final product: What will be the outcome of this project? How will you measure the

success of your course project? Will this project help you explore or learn something