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deadline is the 4th of November at 11:30 PM to submit your answer. Please submit your assignment in PDF format on the blackboard. You have to write your full name and course number (ADMN1206) in the assignment. Researching on Reducing Air Pollution Environmental consultant Lee-Anne Bell researches and writes reports every day. Her specialty is soil and groundwater assessment and remediation, often related to property transactions. Her audiences include individuals, private companies, and municipal,provincial, and federal government ministries.Lee-Anne does a great deal of research. "I often research the history of various properties. I may conduct interviews, refer to environmental databases,place formal inquiries with regulators, and/or review historical aerial photographs, city street directories,historical fire insurance plans, land title documents, and facility/property records." Lee-Anne also uses her own observations and experiences: “I have seen how two-bite brownies and Chrysler cars are built. If I am going to visit a manufacturing plant, I might research the industry of the company to learn what I may encounter during myvisit. To determine the environmental condition of a property I visit the property, collect soil or ground water samples, or samples of any one of a variety of surface or subsurface matrices."I often interview property owners and/or operators regarding the current and historical operations on their properties. Sometimes I interview regulators regarding incidents that may have occurred on a property o finterest. Once in a while I interview candidates for employment."About 95 percent of the research materials I use are electronic, and 5 per-cent literary (textbooks)."Assume that Lee-Anne is helping your university reduce air pollution on campus and that she has asked for the assistance of your class to research and prepare her report.List the primary sources for information on the air quality on campus and prepare interview questionnaires to collect the relevant information from those sources.

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