You are the nurse educator preparing an orientation on cognitive or mental health illness. There is a need to address the many clients with cognitive issues that seek healthcare services and how to better understand their needs. Choose a cognitive/mental health illness that you feel less knowledgeable about and address the following prompts by including two to three examples of each bullet point: • Choose a cognitive or mental health illness. What is it? How is it diagnosed? How is it treated? How does it differ from a physical or "visible" illness? • Address the following for your chosen diagnosis. • Historical o Socioeconomic impact • Political issues or impact • Educational needs o Topographical findings Geographical impact Cultural impact • Include interdisciplinary interventions for this disease. • Discuss the impact of a patient's value systems on management of this disease. • Address the following health-care practices: o Acute versus preventive care • Barriers to health care o Impact of pain and the sick role o Cultural practices Identify challenges related to: Learning styles o Autonomy • Educational preparation © Disease management

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