You must show all work where possible in order to be considered for full credit The following network behaves as what is called a bandpass filter: 192 1 F 1 F a. (4) Write a complete expression for total network impedance, Z(). b. (4) Using current division and your result in (a), write a complete expression for the output voltage, Vo. 192 V c. (4) From your answer in (b), show that: H()== H(o)= 1-[07 d. (4) Use Matlab to obtain the Bode plot of your answer in (c). e. (4) You are given that a filter of this kind has the archetype transfer function: joRC Vs 1+3jøRC+(jwRC)² Boo co²+ Beo+co where B is the bandwidth of your filter and is the resonance (center) frequency of your filter. From your answer in (c), compute the bandwidth B and .

Fig: 1