You receive a telephone call from Terry Kowalski, the manager of the local sports club. He would like your advice about two initiatives that he is organising. The first is

a large sports event in the local park. The second is a sports injury advice point in the sports club. He would like your advice about being able to supply paracetamol tablets at the park event and within the sports club. 5. (a) Describe, with reasons, whether packs of 16, 32 or 50 paracetamol can be supplied to the public in the following two places: (6 marks) (i) in the park (ii) from the sports centre (b) Terry tells you that he injured his knee last week. He has been taking paracetamol but would now like to purchase some co-codamol as well, as he has heard that it is stronger.What advice would you give to Terry and why? (2 marks)

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