You will write a persuasive essay on fracking using the information in the video below and your own research. Your essay should attempt to persuade your reader to your point of view. Criteria for This Assignment Length and Formatting Requirements Three to five pages, double spaced Times New Roman, 12-point font WORKS CITED PAGE IN-TEXT CITATIONS Content Requirements Organization of essay: Introduction: The introduction should include a thesis statement that conveys the issues and states your position on the topic. Body: Support your position with evidence from reliable resources. Remember, you must cite information from commentaries and research. Conclusion: Conclude your paper with a summation of your position and purpose. Criteria for writing this essay: Persuade your reader that your position is best. View and analyze the information in the fracking video. Provide a variety of reliable resources that specifically relate to the topic and your position. Develop your topic and argument logically and cohesively. As you work on the assignment, please review the note on plagiarism if you have any questions as to what you may or may not use from the presented materials and/or outside sources in your paper. The Subject is on FRACKING about 1500 words. Please send it back via PDF format. The link to the video she is referring to is attached as well for more ideas

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