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A Brief about
  The word essay has been derived from a Latin word ‘exagium’ which means translating one’s own case. Essays can be written to represent one’s views about a topic or their personal experiences or stories. Essays can be both formal and informal. Formal essays are written over serious subject matter and have a logical organisation. On the other hand informal essays are personalised, having one’s own experience and arguments. Generally essays are written in prose. These days’ essays have become a significant element of modern education in countries like USA. Students are asked to submit admission essays at the time of applications, based on which universities shortlist the applicants. Structured essay writing is taught by the professors and teachers to students in order to improve their writing skills. Essays are also an essential part of assessment for the humanities and social science students. They are asked to submit essays over desired subjects as a part of their final examinations. Essay writing is not limited to academics, media industry also used the concept of essay extensively. Magazines and newspaper use essays to jot down intellectual information. There are various styles and formats in which essays are laid out.
  Format of an essay
  As mostly essays are a creative piece of writing no defined format exists. A general structure has been discussed here for those who are new to essay writing.
          	Introduction: Every essay contains an introductory section where a brief idea about the subject matter is put forth. It is not a lengthy section and is more like a synopsis to the entire essay. While writing the introductory part of an essay the writer should be as creative as possible as this section is to grab the attention of the readers and decide the flow of information. Starting with a question, proverb or a definition can very much spark the deal for you.
          	Body: This section contains all the information that is relevant. Authors are supposed to elaborate their thoughts and ideas here. Try to put the information in an organised manner so that a general flow is created while reading. This section of the essay is as detailed as required and there is no need to hold yourself back in this section.
          	Conclusion: This is the last paragraph of your essay. Here you sum up the entire essay and jot down the main ideas and findings. Always complete your essays by a conclusion never leave your readers on a cliff-hanger.
  Here are a few tips you can use to make your essay more attractive.
  1.     Always try to use simple language and keep up a good writing flow throughout the essay.
  2.     Draw attention of your readers by choosing an appropriate and interesting title to your essay.
  3.     Make a rough outline of your essay and organise your thoughts before writing.
  4.     At the end of the essay proof read your essay for any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.
  There are various styles and forms in which essays are written. Some of them have been discussed here.
  Expository: These are formal essays which are used to educate the readers about a topic. Important facts are explained in detail in these writing pieces. A few examples of expository essay are biographic account of an important person, a medical condition or some technical process.
  Descriptive: These essays describe an event or a place or an object. The author uses words to create an image before the readers. Sense of smell, touch, sound, etc. is created by the writer via words for the readers.
  Narrative: In these essays the writer narrates an incident or a story. The readers are involved in writing as a part of the narrative. These essays are generally written in first person and are written as real as possible.
  Persuasive: These essays are written to defend your argument and persuade the reader that your point of view has aforesaid merits. Mere fact representation can’t work in these type of essays. One should use the words in a way that the readers are convinced for your side of the argument. Arguments of both the sides are presented but by the end of the essay readers must tip to your side of the argument.
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