A MOS capacitor is made of p+ poly silicon as the gate, 10 nm SİO2 and a p-type Si semiconductor with Na=1015 cm³. Assuming T=300K, find: а) Сох \text { b) } \phi_{\varphi}\left(=\text { Ei-E }_{F}\right. \text { in the bulk) } d) Maximum depletion width (XdT) \text { e) } \phi_{m s} h) The total capacitance of oxide capacitance and capacitance of depletion region in series (i.e. total capacitance between gate and the bulk semiconductor whenVG=Vthreshold) f) Find VFB (Flat band voltage) If Q’ss (the total trapped charge density in the oxide) is10-88 C/cm2S g) Threshold voltage

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