International Travel Agency has just had its network infrastructure completely redesigned with Head Quarters in San Jose (SJ3) and branches in Singapore, KL and CE. A new branch in Sydney has just being established. Your task is to finish the network infrastructure configuration. Instructions: Refer to the given topology and scenario to configure with the requirements as asked in the following tasks. Note: It is your responsibility to keep on saving your work every few minutes. Initial setup and testing Connectivity between directly connected devices: Label the topology with addressing scheme and any other relevant information that will help you to configure devices. Keep doing this as you go. Some devices are preconfigured with user and privileged mode passwords as cisco and class respectively. On the LANS, the router interface will have the first address of the network unless a different one other than the first address is specifically asked to use for any particular task. Note: Anywhere that you find a configuration that disagrees with the Logical topology diagram, change the configuration. The topology diagram shown on the Packet Tracer topology must be followed. Check: ✔SJ3 can ping KL ( ✓SJ3 can ping Singapore ( ✔SJ3 can ping CE across both serial links. ✓ SJ3 can ping both addresses -, If any of these tests fail, ask your instructor to check the file. Note: After each task, the instructions say to rename your file with the task number T1, T2 etc. Ex. Rename your PT file as Net1 Project top3 T1 < your name >. It is just to help you to keep track of your completed tasks. Need to do in cisco packet tracer

Fig: 1